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DAIHAN WiseStir SMHS Systematic Multi-Hotplate Stirrers, 3-/ 6- DAIHAN WiseTherm HP-LP

DAIHAN WiseTherm HP-D Digital Precise Hotplate
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DAIHAN WiseTherm HP-D Digital Precise Hotplate

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* Patented Jog-Shuttle Control System 
* CE Certified
*“PL(Product Liability) Insurance” : One Hundred Million/Korean Won(<) for Each of Human and an Object

Application & Features
* Digital Feedback Control by High-Performance Microprocessor
* Smart Design of Body made by Aluminum Die-Casting (HP-20D)
* Ceramic Coated Plate-Chemical/Acid Resistance
* Superior Temperature Uniformity : 10% less on the Plate at Ambient Temperature
* Accurate Temp. Control of the Sample in the Vessel using Optional PT100 Sensor
* Digital LCD Display with Back-Light Function
* Digital Timer Function Included : 99 hr 59 min Settable
* Storage Function for the Set Values : Temp. and Timer
* Locking Mode for Experimental Safety Supported (Input to Jog Shuttle can be disabled)
* User’s Self-Compensation Function : to Control Difference between Real Temp. and Indicated Temp. (±10.0)
* Alarm Function : Error Status and Timer-End
* Patented Jog-Shuttle Control System
* CE Certified
*“PL(Product Liability) Insurance” : One Hundred Million/Korean Won(<) for Each of Human and an Object

Ordering Information
HP-20D Hotplate Unit & Package Set
DH.WHP03020 Digital Hotplate, HP-20D-Unit Only, 180×180mm, to 380
DH.WHP03021 Digital Hotplate Package, HP-20D-Set with SS200 External Temp. Sensor,
DH.WHP03021 RD200 Support Rod and CL220 Clamp
DH.WHP03021 Packing Dimension w400×d280×h200 mm, Gross Weight 5kg

HP-30D Hotplate Unit & Package Set
DH.WHP03022 Digital Hotplate, HP-30D-Unit Only, 260×260mm, to 380
DH.WHP03023 Digital Hotplate Package, HP-30D-Set
DH.WHP03023 with SS100 External Temp. Sensor,
DH.WHP03023 RD100 Support Rod and CL220 Clamp
DH.WHP03023 Packing Dimension w430×d320×h200 mm, Gross Weight 5kg

Additional Function Accessories
DH.WHP503020 Direct Contact Temperature Sensor, SS100, PT100*, for HP-30D, MSH-30D and SMHS
Direct Contact Temperature Sensor, SS110,
DH.WHP503021 PT100*, Teflon Coated, for HP-30D,
DH.WHP503021 MSH-30D and SMHS
DH.WHP503030 Direct Contact Temperature Sensor, SS200,
DH.WHP503030 PT100*, for HP-20D, MSH-20D
DH.WHP503030 and MSH-50D/55D
DH.WHP503031 Direct Contact Temperature Sensor, SS210,
DH.WHP503031 PT100*, Teflon Coated, for HP-20D,
DH.WHP503031 MSH-20D and MSH-50D/55D
Stand Rod, RD100, Stainless Steel, Φ12.7×450mm,
DH.WHP503011 for HP-30A/30D, MSH-30A/30D
Stand Rod, RD200, Stainless Steel, Φ12×L450mm,
DH.WHP503036 for HP-20A/20D, MSH-20A/20D, MSH-50A/55A,
DH.WHP503036 MSH-50D/55D and SMHS
DH.WHP503012 Holder + Clamp, CL220, for Temp. Sensor

*PT100 : External Sensor for Feedback Control of the Temperature in the Vessel, Accuracy of ±0.3